Welcome to Aledeon, if you are looking for a place to roleplay we offer a freeform play-by-post forum and RPG. We are also in the process of creating a persistent world for NWN2, which will allow players to wander our islands in search of adventure, riches, and glory.

So what is Roleplay you ask?
In it's most basic form, roleplaying is simply acting. Regardless of the genre, this acting is within the constraints of a character profile and probably also those of a given scenario. Namely, the roleplayer acts in a way that they believe their character should act. Often this has little (or nothing) to do with how the "out of character" person would behave. In some cases, the roleplayer will be marked on how closely and correctly they are able to act out the character type.

General News

New Screenshots - NWN PW 

posted: Saturday, March 12, 2011 
Roleplay Updates 
posted: Thursday, July 01, 2010 

I have been working behind the scenes to improve our RPG forums, some of the changes include:

  • Changes to the forum structure
  • Changes to character Abilities
  • Changes to the "friends" list
  • Changes to the forum shop
Watch for more updates and modifications coming soon!

The Isles of Aledeon - Roleplay Statistics
Current Player Races

Dwarf, Deep1
Dwarf, Mountain2
Elf, High3
Elf, Gray2
Elf, Wood5
Gnome, Rock2
Halfling, Lightfoot1

Total: 51
Current Player Classes

Barbarian 1
Bard 7
Cleric 2
Druid 2
Fighter 10
Mage 6
Paladin 4
Ranger 4
Rogue 9
Sorcerer 4

Total: 49

Server Status: OFFLINE
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